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About BHS

Hope's Haven Animal Shelter (Benewah Humane Society) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Click here to see our IRS Form 990 for 2016 return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax). We are the only animal shelter in the county (the area we cover is approximately 787 square miles).

We are run by dedicated staff and volunteers who spend much of their own time and money caring for homeless pets. Our mission is to spay/neuter all animals, find homes for needy animals, and educate the public on pet care and spay/neuter programs. Millions of animals are needlessly euthanized every year, and we would like to lower these terribly large numbers.

We are a "no-kill" shelter with a full house and a waiting list for incoming pets. Some of our volunteers foster animals in their own homes when we are too full to take any more animals.

We assist law enforcement in investigating cases of suspected abuse or neglect. We rescue abandoned, lost, or animals in distress. Every effort is made to find the owners and/or find happy endings for these animals.

Clothes for families in emergency situations or with foster children are made available at no cost from our thrift store.

Our Mission

"We strive to achieve the following goals:

♥ Protect the welfare of homeless and neglected pets by providing care, shelter, and sterilization to prevent future unwanted pets,
♥ Secure adoptive homes for pets, and
♥ Support community awareness of ethical treatment of animals."

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